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Never Alone is a Quality Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program, Est. 1997.


We Save Teenagers Lives & Bring Families Together Everyday Healing From The Disease of Addiction.


Our Song is the Song of Hope.

The Melody Of Faith and Healing.

The Never Alone Mission Statement



Our goal is to provide a safe haven for adolescent alcoholics and addicts where they learn to live life without drugs and alcohol and develop a vision that embraces the bright future, that we believe that it is every child’s birthright. We acknowledge that every adolescent regardless of the severity of their situation, can be effectively treated and recover.


At Never Alone we promote recovery by recognizing the worth and potential of every child that comes through our doors and into our hearts. By working in partnership with their existing support systems as well as by creating new ones we strive to restore healthy functioning families dismantled by the disease of addiction.


Adolescents are our future, and by instilling hope in their hearts we can create true hope for humanity.


  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Family Therapy

  • Spirituality

  • Creative Arts Therapy

  • AA/NA Meetings


May Our Higher Power Bless This House As We Continue To Work Together!


*Each year clients volunteer to plant vegetables in the Community Garden at Never Alone that they also enjoy at dinner.*



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