To the Staff of Never Alone,

I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful work all of you do for our children. You do amazing work with them, but the important thing is how you all truly care for them. Without all of you doing what you do, our children would be lost in the system. Again, thank you so much for saving my granddaughter and all the other children under your care.

 J. A.

I’m very grateful for being in this program and for all of the helpful things everybody done for me. It works if you work it!

Thanks to Ms. Virginia and Mr. Bob for everything!

D. A.

To Max,

I am so thankful that you made this program. This program has helped my son a whole lot. He has learned how to be sober. This program is very supportive in many ways. I am very happy that he came here. Thank you.

L. R.

This program has changed my life in so many ways. Words can’t explain how grateful I am to have experienced this and I will never forget what this program has taught me, gave me, or the people in it! Thank you guys for everything!

B. T.

I’m very glad that Never Alone has got my brother to where he is at. This program has helped not only my brother but us the family as well to see he is on the road of recovery and success. It means a lot that everyone is so caring and helping him to get to be a man and start a new life as sober. I am very happy to see the progress in him from the help of the staff and friends in the program as well as the family.

M. P.

This place has honestly changed my life. Thank you Never Alone for offering me a new outlook on life. I will never forget this experience. Thank you Never Alone staff for the genuine care and never giving up on me.

Z. L.

Coming into this program, I had a lot of doubts as to whether or not this would work for my daughter and also for my family as a whole. Due to the Multi-Family Group, I have learned a lot about addiction, recovery and also the toll it takes on the family. I am a better person and parent because of this experience and I know my daughter now has a fighting chance thanks to you and your wonderful staff. I hope that your program continues to thrive. Without this program, I believe, a lot of more parents would be burying their children at an all too young age due to drug addiction. Programs like yours are needed desperately all over the country, as the epidemic of child addiction grows. You are a true pioneer and I hope that other programs arise to live up to the standard of excellence that you and your staff have set. I will be eternally grateful.

J. W.

I would like to thank every staff for all of their help, feedback, support and discipline. I will never forget this place and I hope that this place helps people for many years to come. This works if you work it. Thank you for helping me to work it. Lots of love.

W. M.

My son was arrested for stealing and ended up spending four months in jail. The Judge court ordered him to Never Alone instead of sentencing him to prison time. When my son arrived at Never Alone and I saw the sheriff’s car pull up my heart sank. Then when I saw my son get out of that sheriff’s car in ankle shackles and hand cuffs my heart shattered and I began to cry. And, I will be honest and admit to you there were, at least, a few times that I doubted this program and didn’t agree and/or understand certain rules that Never Alone put into play. But looking back and having traveled down this long path with all of you I now understand. I understand and agree that it does take a village to raise one child and that there are rules for a reason. So I would like to close this letter with an expression of my utmost and sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of you at Never Alone for taking care of and looking after our son.

A-M. F.

I love you guys for helping me find myself. I have been inspired to do so much with my life. I will miss you all. Thank you so much. I will never forget you. I respect myself now. I never thought I would be me again and look I’m me. Thank you for it all.

D. M.

To Never Alone, Inc.

My son’s addiction and behavior was spiraling out of control. I had called so many places for help and guidance and kept hitting brick walls. Many places did not take teenagers, or my insurance. I was losing hope until I made one more call to Never Alone. Upon arriving at Never Alone, I was happy to see that it did not have an institutional feel and that there were small gardens, picnic tables, painted rocks, basketball and handball courts. The large porch in front of the house where the office, kitchen and game room is located, made me feel like home. It felt like being with family. The program is outstanding. The staff at Never Alone is by far the most professional I have met on our long journey. My son has seen many therapists and has been in other programs too. They did not have the expertise we found here, nor a program suited for teenagers. Virginia and Roland, my son’s primary counselors were a perfect fit for our family. Their expertise and knowledge in the field of addiction with teenagers is first rate. They showed genuine care and concern for us and gave advice to each one of us with respect. The teachers, medical staff, kitchen staff, administration, and the owner Max are all part of what makes Never Alone a successful program that saves teenagers and their families.

C. S.

I appreciate all the people that helped me out. Success is a journey not a destination. Be humble. Keep the legacy going!

J. V.

Dear Mr. Max,

I just thank you for accepting my child with open arms. She has been to a few other programs but not like Never Alone. Never Alone has helped her with her anger issues and drug and alcohol problems. We are on the right track. Our family sessions helped a lot as well with Ms. Betsy. Thank you again!

T. D.

This program changed my life. I am now a strong young lady and I couldn’t have done it myself. Thanks for never giving up on me when I wanted to give up on myself. Thank you.

A. C.

To the staff, family members and clients,

I write this with deepest gratitude and utmost sincerity. The staff has been and is absolutely wonderful and have exhilarated the highest level of professionalism and respect. Thank you for the opportunity you gave my son to prove that he is and was worth your time and dedication. The journey we have experienced at Never Alone will be a life-long lesson that will forever be lodged in our hearts and minds. Thank you for your dedication, determination and most of all your love.

S. H.

Thank you all so much for helping me on my road to recovery. You played such a small but major part of my life! Before coming here I was literally killing myself with my heroin addiction. I was completely miserable. Everybody here has helped me change my life completely around. I am finally happy. Thank you Never Alone for everything you helped me with.

J. P.

I really miss you guys and thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have all done for my son. I just heard today that one of his friends relapsed, that is a close friend. I learned this morning that the first person he called when he needed help was my son. He drove his friend to the rehab clinic and stayed with him all evening. I want to thank you for making my son strong enough and brave enough to be able to help others.

L. J.

Thank you so much for helping me earn my life back. You’ve taught me how to respect others and especially respect myself. I’ve taken my recovery seriously and I’m proud of the work I’ve done here. I plan to hold onto everything that I’ve achieved and plan to use that to help me achieve more.

Y. S.

To whom it may concern,

After being in Never Alone’s care, my nephew has grown mentally, physically as well! I am very proud of him! Never Alone has guided him towards getting his G.E.D., and non-driver’s ID, voter’s registration also! For this I’m grateful! And the staff is exceptional! Caring and they truly never give up! Thanks! So very, very much!

D. R.

Thank you for everything. You helped me turn from a little kid to a young man. Thank you again. And I’m going to leave you with a quote, “You can’t make nobody do anything. But you can motivate them to do everything!” Thank you.

M. R.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in support of Never Alone. There are truly no words that can express my gratitude toward the support I received with my son. The work performed by the entire staff speaks in volume. I am truly grateful that Never Alone exists. I don’t know what I would have done without you all. I appreciate the genuine, consistent, sincere efforts of support every staff member displayed with my family during our difficult times. I thank you a million times for returning my son to my family. I will never forget Never Alone as I am indebted to you always.

S. C.

Thanks to all the staff at Never Alone for helping me along the way of my recovery. And special thanks to Mr. Max the owner for putting together this program. And to Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Bob for being my Primary Counselors! Never stop trying!

D. R.

I must say that my son’s choosing to come to Never Alone was the best decision ever. This program at Never Alone has dedication and the staff was incredible. Ms. Virginia, Roland, Ms. Betsy, Mr. Bob, Eddie were so dedicated and genuinely caring for my son. Without them, my son wouldn’t have made it. They individually made sure my son remained focused on his goals. The way the staff cares is unbelievable. They assisted my son with grief. I would recommend this program to any parent who wants to see their children succeed and wants them to be safe, Never Alone is the place to be. Once again, thanks for everything and giving me my son back.

J. V.

Dear Staff of Never Alone,

This letter is to validate and to thank the staff at Never Alone, especially Ms. Betsy. My son was battling addiction to opiates and grief of losing his beloved Dad for years. From counselor to counselor, program to program, outpatient, inpatient, getting arrested and remanded, going to a non-secure facility and placement in a RTC. There were many attempts to help him and all contributed somewhat to his recovery, but he still was not there yet. After many relapses, I advised him to choose wisely between the darkness of limited secure placement facility and soon Riker’s Island or to choose light and life at Never Alone. The good people of Never Alone work hard to help young people achieve their self-worth, their highest potential, to take responsibilities for their actions and their life and to find themselves again. My son now has a new life; he is back on track and striving to continue to move forward in every way possible. I have my boy back healthy and strong, physically and mentally, but one thing is certain, he is not a boy anymore. He is a strong and admirable man. God Bless You All.

L. B.

Thank you Never Alone for helping me see life in a different way. I really worked on myself here. I recommend this to anybody that’s struggling with addiction.

J. P.